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Full Demo Reel

Dina's roles include: Alluring assassin Nadja Shah on The Family Business (BET, Guest Star Recurring), Type A perfectionist, flirtatious romantic, and Syrian refugee (Middle Eastern dialect, Arabic, and belly dancing).

Commercial Reel

Clip - The Family Business on BET (Crime Drama)

Dina as alluring assassin, Nadja Shah, on The Family Business on BET (Guest Star Recurring).

Clip - Maya (Drama-Foreign)

Troubled Syrian refugee searching for her place in the US. (Arabic speaking, Middle Eastern dialect, belly dancing)

Clip - Noggin Knows (Children's TV)

Dina as warm and friendly Dr. Dulce, the pediatric dentist who loves to talk about teeth. (Guest Star)

Clip - Sasha & Clark (Romantic Comedy)

Hopeless romantic finds a flirty connection on an unexpected first date.

Clip - High Existence (Comedy)

Type A perfectionist confesses an unusual vice to her therapist.

Clip - Guns for Hire (Comedy)

Trophy fiance gets unexpectedly excited for her reality TV debut.

Clip - D Is For Demon (Drama/Horror)

Sexy mistress seduces her man.

Promo - The Sushi Experience (Spokesperson)

Chic and trendy sushi enthusiast leads the viewer through the experience (straight to camera).

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